50 Fundraising Ideas

IMG Chillin at Camp1) Website Personalization - Make sure you personalize your webpage by logging into your Participant Centre. Include a photo of yourself and your reasons for Walking. Then, send an email to everyone on your contact list and invite them to visit your webpage.

2) Send a Letter or Email Asking For Support From EVERYONE You Know -
Plus, ask them to forward the email to at least five other people. Drafts of fundraising letters can be found in the “email” section of your Participant Centre. They’re easy to use!

3) House Party -
 This is a sure-fire way to fundraise. The Weekend to End Breast Cancer team will be happy to give you some great ideas on how to do it! Phone or email the event office for a complete House Party How-To Guide.

4) Make Your Own Contribution - Lead the way by making your pledge first.

5) Company Donation Matching Programs - Ask your company to match the amount of pledges you receive from your fellow co-workers and ask others to see if they can investigate getting their company to match pledges as well.

6) Fundraising Dinner at Your Favourite Restaurant or Pub - Ask your favourite local establishment to host a fundraising dinner for you. They supply a deal on food and drink, and you supply the donation forms!

7) Hometown Press Release - Raising $2,000 and Walking 60 kilometres makes you a hometown hero. You can download this from your Participant Centre as soon as you login. Or, just call your Coaches and we’ll send you the easy-to-use template. People who you don’t even know will be able to read about your commitment to ending breast cancer, and they’ll be able to donate directly to you!

8) Corporate Sponsorship - Identify one or several large companies and contact them directly. They may be willing to sponsor you completely if you let them put their name or logo on the hat or shirt you wear on the event.

9) Ask For the Right Amount - Take a good look at who you’re asking for donations and make sure you ask for the right amount. Don’t ask for $100 if you know they can pledge $1,000. Schedule a meeting to discuss a possible donation.

10) Beneficiaries - Get to know them well. You’ll be asked where the money is going and it will be very impressive to a potential Donor if you’re able to speak eloquently about it.

11) Office Fundraising Challenge - Speak with everyone in your office and get them to challenge each other to raise the highest amount. Give the "winner" a prize. Maybe some movie passes or a gift certificate to dinner?

12) Dress Down Day - Ask your company to allow an official Weekend to End Breast Cancer Dress Down Day on a Friday. For the privilege of dressing down, employees donate weekly to the campaign.

13) Shortest Tie Contest - Executives participate in an all-day contest to end the day with the shortest tie. Employees pay to cut an inch off their favourite executive's tie, or the ugliest or most ties, etc. Shop resale stores for ties!

14) Wine Tasting - Ask a local winery to donate the vino and use the evening as a fundraising party!

15) Skating Party - Head to the local rink and sell hot or cold beverages. Ask the community centre if they will donate the rink for an hour or two for a skating party or a benefit hockey game, all proceeds going to your fundraising campaign!

16) Farmer’s Market Table - See if a local farmer’s market, flea market, etc. will donate a “table” (space) to you for the day. Decorate the space with posters letting people know you’re raising money for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer and sell some baked goods or coffee.

17) Meet the Press - Does your company distribute a newsletter? Does your company have inner-office email? Take advantage of these! It’s a perfect way to get the word out.

18) Garage Sale - Know all that stuff that’s been hanging out in your garage…in your attic…in your basement? Gather it up, and ask your friends to do the same. Put it in your front yard and sell, sell, sell! Put all the money raised toward your pledge minimum!

19) Bake Sale - Become Julia Child (and ask your friends to do the same) and host a bake sale. You can even have it in conjunction with your garage sale. It’s a fact that people will buy more stuff on an empty stomach!

20) Car Wash for Cancer - Host a car wash. Ask a local gas station to donate the cleaning products, put up balloons and signs, and wash away!

21) Creative Friends - Find a local artist or ask a creative friend if they would donate a piece of art or some jewelry that you could auction off.

22) Local Theatre to Donate Tickets to a Performance - Ask a local theatre to donate a pair of tickets to one of their plays or musicals and auction them off.

23) Movie Ticket Donation - Ask your local movie house to donate several movie tickets. Get a donation for them and put the money toward your campaign!

24) Money Jar at the Front of a Restaurant - Check with the restaurant manager of a local restaurant. She may be willing to place the jar in a high traffic area so lots of patrons can see it.

25) Doctor/Therapist/Veterinarian/Insurance Agent - Ask him/her to make a cheque out for you instead of the other way around! Dentist Hopefully you won’t have to pull teeth to get him/her to help you out a little! Chiropractor They've cracked your back. Now ask them to crack open their checkbook and make a pledge. Yoga Instructor You’ve bent over backwards for them…now it’s their turn to do the same for you!

26) Sports - If your kids play on soccer leagues or any other sports teams, distribute your donation forms to the other parents or leave them at the gym, arena or dance studio.

27) Children’s Party - Throw on that Barney outfit and get out there! The kids will be having fun as their parents are writing you donation cheques!

28) Hair Salon - Ask your barber or hairdresser to donate $2.00 from every haircut they complete over one weekend. Or, have your hairdresser put a donation jar at their station with a small flyer. Hairdressers are great at talking things up and spreading the message.

29) Solicit Local Organizations - small businesses, churches, synagogues, or service clubs with which you are involved, for gifts of $100 or more. If you are an active donor or member this is very effective. You can usually be successful with a simple proposal and oral presentation.

30) Bottle Drive - Collect recycling from home, friends and neighbours and return for donations!

31) Bowling Nights - Plan a fun night of bowling at your local lanes. Ask the owner to waive the cost of bowling and you can collect that money and turn it into pledges.

32) Birthday Gift Pledge - This is a very simple way to raise money and it’ll be a lot easier for your friends and family to write you a cheque instead of spending hours trying to shop for you!

33) “Extra Change In My Pocket Box” - Create these little boxes for your friends and family to place on their dresser. At the end of each day they can drop that spare change in the box.

34) Start Your Own Extra Change Box - Keep a jar near your door and every day put all your extra coins in it. It adds up! Or put it on your desk at work others will join you.

35) Curse Jar - C’mon, everyone does it. Now they’ll have to pay for it. Place a Curse Jar in your office and whenever someone says a bad word they have to open up their wallet, grab a loonie and put it in the jar.

36) Return Address Labels - Print return address labels for your outgoing mail. Print something like, "I’m walking in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer - Will you sponsor me?" You may want to include a pledge form and a self-addressed envelope to make it really easy for them.

37) Email Signature - Add a line in your email signature about The Weekend, and even add a link right to your Personal (online donation) Page.

38) Make Your Donation Form Stand Out - Copy your Donation Form onto coloured paper with your personal story and reason for Walking photocopied onto the back of the page.

39) Dollars for Dares - Has someone dared you to do something? Or, do they need a volunteer for a dunk tank or pie toss at a fair? A lot of people will give you money for doing crazy things (like shaving your head).

40) Ask your Local Bartender or Waiter/Waitress to Donate a Portion of One Day’s Tips - You can create a sign for the bartender to place on the bar stating that "All tips collected tonight will go directly to "Judy Walker" who’s Walking 60 kilometres to raise money for breast cancer research." If the patrons see that sign they may be willing to dig a little deeper into their pocket!

41) House Warming Party - Are you moving anytime soon? If so, ask your friends to make a pledge instead of purchasing a gift for your new place.

42) Signing Your Correspondence - Get in the habit of signing your note cards and letters with your name AND Participant Number. You’ll be surprised at how many people will ask you what that means.

43) Radio Station - Call your favourite radio station and ask them to make an announcement on the air. They may even interview you. Pledges can be sent directly to the pledge office.

44) Church Bulletin - Place an advertisement on your Church bulletin letting everyone know what you’re up to!

45) Shoe Companies - Contact a couple of the big shoe companies. Tell them what you’re training for, and ask them if they would like to sponsor you for the entire amount! You may even get some cool waking gear, too. Ask big and ye shall receive!

46) Scrapbook Workshop - Invite fellow scrapbookers over to exchange creative and helpful ideas! Admission goes toward fundraising!

47) Ebay.com - Remember the garage sale idea? How ‘bout rounding up the goods from your friends and putting it all on Ebay.com to be auctioned off?

48) Concert - Ask the school band or choir to perform for a benefit concert. Tell people that their admission ticket is a cheque made out to The Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

49) Calendar Sale - Create a calendar highlighting themes about the event.

50) Remind People - In case you didn’t receive an answer the first time you asked….ask again! Your potential Donor may need a little coaxing.  And if you’re not 100% comfortable nagging them, consider sending out an “update”.  Let them know how your training and fundraising is going.  A lot of people just need a little reminder.

Start now! The earlier you begin fundraising the better off you’ll be. You’ll be able to go way beyond your pledge minimum and then can focus on your training.

Don’t get discouraged!
Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. And ask again!